A hotel feasibility study coordinated by the Community Development Partnership suggests a 54-unit, $6.2 million facility in town and they’re looking for local investors.

Core Distinction Group, a hospitality consulting service with offices in Arizona and Wisconsin, examined area demographics in the first phase to decide initial promise of a new hotel project. Population and economic data were reviewed to determine whether the community could sustain a new hotel.

In the second phase, the consulting group met with local business leaders and surveyed community members with the goal of identifying the best locations for a new facility and determine the broadest market of potential guests. 

Completing the second phase, Core Distinction group determined three ideal locations: Williamsville, downtown, or the Neshoba General area.

The hotel development effort comes from a retail academy session attended by members of the CDP. 

A presentation towards the end of the program discussed growing hotel chains that convert and build where vetted opportunities indicate promising investment. 

CDP Chamber/Main Street Director Tim Moore was one of the members who saw potential in the idea. “The whole point in this is that it encourages multiple local investors” who will likely ensure the continuity and success of the project, he said.

The group saw the project as a great way to encourage local investment. 

Stage three will look to solidify a location decision as well as identify investors, preferably those within the community. 

“Now we’re to the third phase, they will finalize their plans, pick a spot and identify investors,” say Moore said.