The city will proceed with a $1.5 million bond issue aimed at addressing infrastructure projects minus the Marty Stuart center.

Earlier this year, the city was seeking a $2.5 million bond issue with $1 million earmarked for Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music project. However, it was learned that money from this bond issue could not be used for the tourism project.

“The bond issue is for city buildings, city streets, DeWeese Park and other things that we are working on,” Mayor James Young said. “The Marty Stuart project does not fit in the bond issue. But we are trying to figure out another way of helping with it. We are still supportive of it 100 percent.

“The bond issue is for infrastructure needs. It is needed. We cannot do what we need to do now, based on budgeted items. For years and years, we have not been able to keep up with some of the things, and this will help us make some headway.”

In other matters, the board voted to:

• Approve the continuance of an interlocal agreement with for the Neshoba County Tax Assessor/Tax Collector’s Office to collect municipal property taxes;

• Approve the setting of a public hearing for July 21 concerning property on at 501 Valley View Drive;

• Accepted the resignation of patrolman and DUI officer William Anderson from the police department; 

• Appointed Darrius Thames to the Ward 4 Park Commission, and Anthony Cunningham was re-appointed to his position on the Philadelphia Utilities Board of Commissioners;

• Approved tree removal from Donald Rest Cemetery because the roots have begun to grow into the graves and endanger the headstones as well;a• Accepted a bid for turning tennis courts at Westside Park which were falling into decay into basketball courts.