In the next several months, members of the Leadership Neshoba class of 2019-2020 will be learning how things work in their community.

The 24-member class of juniors from Neshoba Central, Philadelphia and Choctaw Central high schools will also learn how to get a job and function in the community.

The class was selected in September. They have gone on a one-day retreat at Mississippi State. They are now meeting once per month, starting Wednesday, at the Depot. The class will complete a project during this time. Graduation from the program is in April.

The class was to visit Central Water Association. They will tour the water plant and learn about the processes.

Leadership Neshoba is a program of the Chamber of Commerce of the Community Development Partnership. Classes are administered by Dr. Randall Lee, vice president for Student Services at East Central Community College and his staff.

Members of this year’s class are: Sierra Wallace, Brannon Jim, Isley Mingo, Melayney Billy, Talease Griffin, all of Choctaw Central; Davyon McWilliams, Mary Booker, Kara Daly, Emma Taylor, Adriana Rush, Asha Brand, Connor Smith, all of Philadelphia High School; and, Shannon Thomas, Molly Kuntz, Lauryn O’Reilly, Mary Moran, Aaron Phillips, Jacob Killens, Noah Bates, Paola Euyoque, Waverly McDonald, Tatum Salter, Jason Bell and Jordyn French, all of Neshoba Central.

“Our role is to teach leadership characteristics,” Dr. Lee said. “We will also be teaching practical items like how to write a resume. They will apply for a job. They will learn to dress for success.

“This is a real sharp group, the top students in their classes. We will try to help them sharpen their skills.”

Career planning will be discussed. Some class members will probably move away after school to find better jobs.  But some will be able to come back home.

“We want to show them they live in a pretty good community,” said Tim Moore, director of the CDP’s Main Street and Chamber programs. “We hope some will come home and become leaders in our community.”