Doris Horne
Doris Horne
Doris Horne is excited to become part of the Rocket Family

Horne has owned her own hair salon for 23 years, but she is joining the Neshoba Central High School family as attendance clerk this fall.

Doris is married to LaShon Horne and they have two sons, David, 21, and Will, 13, who will be an 8th grader at Neshoba Central Middle School.

One of her passions is teaching Sunday school at Union Grove MB Church where they are active members. At Union Grove, she teaches ages five to 16. “I love my church family,” she said.

Horne has worked full-time at her Untouchable Hair Designs and plans to continue part-time.

She is a Union High School graduate and finished East Central Community College in the cosmetology program. LaShon is the assistant principal at Neshoba Central. 

Some of the safety precautions Neshoba Central is taking is the students must wear their face masks. But the teachers and Mrs. Horne are thrilled to have the kids come back to school.

“We will be cleaning and sanitizing our areas every morning,” Horne said.

They are keeping the 6-feet apart rule to protect the students and are washing their hands frequently.

Horne encourages parents to understand the schools will be safe and clean. Since the classrooms are so big they will be separating the children. During lunchtime, Neshoba Central will be doing a grab-n-go where the students will eat at their desks or if the teacher decides they can eat lunch outside.

Horne has a passion for cooking and spending time with her family. Her first job was at Laird Hospital in Union as a cook in the kitchen. She started to form a love of cooking from working at Laird. She’s sharing some of her favorite recipes.



1 pack of fresh strawberries 

1 graham cracker crust 

1 8oz cream cheese

1 can sweetened condensed milk 

Mix the condensed milk and cream cheese until smooth in a mixing bowl. Pour mixture inside of the graham cracker crust evenly. Take the cool whip and spread on top of the mixture evenly. Cut the fresh pie strawberries into small pieces and place them on top of the cool whip. Close with lid and refrigerate for an hour before serving. 


1 pack imitation crab meat 

1 cups 1/2 shell pasta 

1 pack dry ranch dressing seasoning 

Two ripe tomatoes 

One larger cucumber 

2 cups mayonnaise 

Salt and pepper 

Place cooked and drained pasta shells in a large bowl. Add chopped crab meat, two cups of mayonnaise, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumbers and one pack of dry ranch seasoning. Stir until all mixed together. Add salt and pepper for taste. Refrigerate for two hours, then serve. 


Chuck roast (large)

1 can of cream chicken 

1 can of cream of mushroom 

1 bag red potatoes 

1 bag carrots 

1 onion 

1 bell pepper 

Pack onion soup mix 

Pack brown gravy mix 

Salt and pepper 

Put roast in large crockpot on high for 4 to 6 hours. Add potatoes, carrots, and all other ingredients to pot. Pour water to cover the roast and add salt and pepper. Serve over a bed of rice.