As part of an active shooter drill, Philadelphia High School was on lockdown for two hours Tuesday morning.

Mississippi school districts are required by law to hold an active shooter drill in the first 60 days of the first semester and the first 60 days of the second semester.

Members of the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia Fire Department helped with the drill.

Superintendent Lisa Hull said the district devised its active shooter plan while going through training with Homeland Security.

When the drill started, all doors in the building were locked. Teachers hare been instructed not to open the door for anyone, that the police would open them with a key when it was over.

That standard was tested. Hull knocked on a few doors herself, telling them to open the door, that she forgot her key.

“No one opened a door,” Hull said. “The doors stayed locked and the lights were off.”

Afterwards, during the debriefing, Hull said there were things brought up that will be reviewed and improved upon.